It is the mission of the Show Low Unified School District’s Transportation Department to provide for the safe and caring transportation and environment to the students as well as staff riding our buses. 

We hold each driver and student accountable to the policies and procedures established by the Show Low Unified School District and the State of Arizona, helping us accomplish our mission. We ensure that our drivers are fully trained and given the tools that they need to keep all of our students safe at all times.

Bus Routes/Schedules

Please call the Show Low Unified School District Transportation Office at (928) 537.6048 for assistance with transportation questions or concerns

Transportation Staff

Shawn M. West
Director of Facilities & Transportation
P: (928) 537-6048 Option 5

Christine Dunlap
Assistant to Director of Facilities & Transportation
P: (928) 537-6048 Option 4

Ian Holladay
Dispatcher, Router, Special Needs
P: (928) 537-6048 Option 1

Genese Pender
Field Trips